Configuring and building GNU UPC is similar to configuring GCC itself, but the following page provides some guidance and help in building and installing GNU UPC, as well as describing options that are GNU UPC specific.

We use srcdir to refer to the top-level source directory for GUPC; we use objdir to refer to the top-level build/object directory.

It is a requirement that GUPC be built into a separate directory from the sources, which does not reside within the source tree. This is how generally GNU GCC is also built.

When configuring GUPC, either cc or gcc must be in your path or you must set CC in your environment before running configure. Otherwise the configuration scripts may fail.

If you have previously built GUPC in the same directory, do ‘make distclean’ to delete all files that might be invalid. One of the files this deletes is Makefile; if ‘make distclean’ complains that Makefile does not exist or issues a message like “don’t know how to make distclean” it probably means that the directory is already suitably clean.

To simplest command to configure GUPC looks like this:

% mkdir objdir
% cd objdir
% srcdir/configure [options] --prefix=/usr/local \

By default, the SMP based runtime is configured and built.


Configuration Options

The following GCC and GUPC options are provided to better tailor GUPC for your system. The full list of additional GCC configuration options can be found on the GCC web page

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